Banayan Solutions Inc

EMR Integration

Banyan’s software and process can very easily be integrated with your existing EMR for a smooth, seamless operation.

Accuracy is Our Standard

All Banyan transcriptions are reviewed by knowledgable doctors, giving you peace of mind knowing that before you see the patient file it has been proofed and corrected by another licensed professional.

11 Hour TAT

Because of Banyan Solutions’ experienced medical billers, medical transcriptionists, and medical coders, Banyan has an 11 hour turn-around on all medical transcriptions.

No Long Term Contracts

We at Banyan Solutions are so confident in our medical transcription and medical billing services that we do not require you to sign any long term contracts. You only pay for the work we do.

Green - 100% Paperless Office

With Banyan Solutions, your entire medical transcription service can be 100% Green and paper free. By using our secure online dictation, review, editing and auto-faxing functions, paper becomes a thing of the past.

No Capital Investment Required

Banyan Solutions has made the commitment to create a better way for you to perform medical billing and medical transcriptions, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is log-in and start dictating.

24/7 Online, Live Support

Banyan Solutions works around the clock. So, if you need online support in the middle of the night, Banyan is ready and able to give you the help you need.

Quality Control

After transcription and proofing, Banyan’s own professional team of qualified Doctor’s review each transcription to ensure a high level of accuarcy. This is one more reason why so many doctors rely on Banyan to support their business.

Online Editing

Banyan’s exclusive, advanced, transcription workflow software, MediCharts™, allows you to securely edit and save your patient records online. Try it today by calling us for a Free Demo.

HIPAA Compliant

Banyan Solutions exceeds HIPAA requirments. Our secure servers encypt all transmissions and operate at 256 mbps. Also, no Banyan employee works from home. We have our own secure compnay building, where all work is performed.


Banyan automatically saves all of your patients documents and archives them in our secure servers, which are backed-up in multiple locations. Any patient record can be easily accessed from the MediCharts™ archive, anytime, from anywhere.

Customization of Templates

Banyan’s MediCharts™ easily allows you to customize your template files to fit your requirements and style. You may safely, and securely create new templates, modify existing ones and even add your company logo.

Auto Faxing

Banyan’s exclusive fax server software, SecureFAX™, automatically faxes your patient’s record to the referring physician, quickly, safely and without the expense of printing and using your office’s fax line.

Patient Record Search

Banyan’s exclusive, advanced, transcription workflow software, MediCharts™, allows you to securely search patient records simply by typing patients first name or last name, anytime, anywhere.


Banyan’s E-Signature feature, SecureSIGN™ allows you to e-sign your documents online. Once the document has been e-signed, SecureSIGN™ automatically locks the document, preventing any further changes.

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Medical Billing Companies

Medical billing companies like Banyan Solutions provide medical billing services that doctors, clinics and hospitals have come to rely on as the major component of their medical billing process. Banyan provides HIPAA compliant, Internet-enabled, always-available, online, secure medical billing services for doctors, clinics and hospitals nationwide.

With Banyan’s state-of-the-art technology you can create a Superbill from your cell phone, laptop or computer and send it online to our secure server. Banyan’s own certified doctors will review the document and confirm all of the CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS codes to ensure that all billing modifiers are correct, to increase your reimbursement dollar, and giving you the ability to perform a procedure on a patient, synchronize this data wirelessly, and have it billed to the insurance company within 24 hours!

With Banyan Solutions You Can:
  • Schedule, view & change patient appointments from your cell phone
  • Create a Superbill from your cell phone or computer
  • Get a complete Medical Billing status online, anytime, anywhere

To learn more about Banyan’s entire line of products and services, and how we can help your medical practice, please call Banyan Sales at (650) 766-9338.

You do not have to change the way you work, just the way you Bill!
"Leave the time-consuming, back-office-work to BANYAN!"



Lewis Haut, M.D. Nephrology
"Banyan is an excellent service, far superior to anything that I have encountered before. In fact, they are in a different class. They have employed technology very successfully and elegantly to provide very efficient, timely and accurate transcription”
Martin Rubenstein, M.D., Oncology
"We have been using Banyan Solutions for our six-doctor oncology practice dictation for over two years. We are very satisfied with the service. Transcription turnaround is very quick, the reports are accurate and the support staff is readily available and knowledgeable. They are highly recommended. "
Stafford R. Grady, M.D., Pediatric
Stafford R. Grady, M.D., Pediatric. "Banyan transcription are accurate, prompt and efficient. I have found Banyan service to be excellent and I highly recommend them.”

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