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News release

- 5/27/2011 -


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May 27, 2011

BANYAN SOLUTIONS INC. (Banyan Solutions)

Banyan Solutions introduces its new secure, online, Transcription Software - MedicalCharts.

Santa Clara, California. Banyan Solutions today announced the release of its latest version of their online, transcription software; MedicalCharts. Banyan’s updated secure, online, medical transcription software with Banyan’s proprietary auto-fax feature, SecureFAX, Banyan’s e-Signature feature, SecureSIGNand smoother EMR interface is powered by next generation Web 2.0 technology. MedicalCharts is a flexible, online, enterprise application developed to speed-up clinical documentation processing and to provide secure and efficient increases in productivity. The product will be offered free to Banyan Solutions’ present clients as well as all new clients, and will allow Banyan Solutions to meet the needs of a private practice, clinic and hospital documentation by allowing full internet capable uploading, editing, e-signing and auto-faxing from any web-connected computer.

“We wanted to provide healthcare organizations with an easy, secure and reliable alternative to what’s presently on the market”, said Jyoti Challi, Banyan Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer. “With Banyan, healthcare providers can leave the back-office work to us, and concentrate on more pressing issues; their patients care and well being. MedicalCharts eliminates at least four costly steps that health office professionals absolutely must do to stay HIPAA compliant; 1-Accuracy, 2-Secure e-Sign, 3-Secure Faxing, and 4-Secure Records Maintenance. MedicalCharts does all of this and more.

The new platform provides end-users with the tools, flexibility and convenience offered from a recognized industry leader that has always strived to increase efficiencies and productivity in the medical practice transcription business.